Scientific schools


department of theory and methods of physical culture

Physical culture, physical education of different population groups (1997)
The department operates a scientific school (decision of the academic council of the university, protocol No. 4 dated 04/30/2013, order of the rector No. 288 dated 05/24/2013, order of the research department No. 12 dated 09/17/2015), which is headed by a professor Bohdan Mykhailovych Mytskan.

Members of the scientific school (Assoc. Prezlyata G.V., Assoc. Popel S.L., Assoc. Sultanova I.D., Assoc. Bilous I.V., Assoc. Tkachivska I.M., Assoc. Vypasniak I.P . ), with the participation of teachers, graduate students, applicants and students, conduct research in the following areas:

1. Physical education, recreation and sports animation in the system of means of improving the quality of life of various population groups.

2. Morpho-functional changes of the neuromuscular apparatus during physical exertion and general dehydration of the body.

3. Features of the structural trace of adaptation of the central and peripheral nervous system during hypokinesia and physical exertion in ontogenesis.

4. Theoretical and methodological foundations of differentiated physical education in preschool educational institutions, schools and extracurricular institutions.

5. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the training of athletes at various stages of the training process.

6. Formation and development of tourism in the Carpathian region.

Bohdan Lisovkyi PhD in Biology, Associate Professor, Head of Theory and Methods of Physical Culture and Sports Department


The scientific school is working on the solution of urgent tasks related to the formation of the structural and functional state of the body’s adaptation to physical exertion, the development of new methods of morphofunctional research. A number of studies are carried out in the scientific laboratory: “The influence of hypokinesia and motor activity on the physiological systems of the body”; “Development and scientific substantiation of recreation and health programs for school and student youth.” The need to improve the education system in the training of personnel in physical education and sports initiated an important direction of research “The readiness of the physical culture teacher for professional activity.” At the same time, scientific research is carried out regarding the history of the development of physical culture and tourism, the peculiarities of the use of folk mobile games and entertainment in the physical education of schoolchildren. The scientific school fruitfully cooperates with the scientific schools of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Ternopil, Rivne, Lutsk, Lviv, as well as the universities of Rzeszów (Poland) and Pryaszów (Slovakia). The results of the cooperation are the holding of the International scientific conference “Actual problems of the development of physical culture, sports and tourism”, the regular issue of the specialized scientific journal “Bulletin of the Carpathian University. Series: Physical culture”.

As part of the school’s activities, 2 doctoral theses and 20 candidate’s theses were defended, 5 monographs were published, 5 international conferences, 2 regional conferences were organized, and 1 permanent scientific seminar is functioning.