The department of theory and methods of physical culture began its activity on August 31, 1997 as part of the pedagogical faculty. The founder of the department and its constant head for 24 years was Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, honored worker of education of Ukraine Bohdan Mytskan. On June 24, 2021, the meeting of the labor team of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports elected associate professor Bohdan Lisovskyi as the head of the department.

The first teachers of the department were: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Roman Tyagur; candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors Oleksandr Mokrov, Yulia Belyak; candidate of sciences in physical education and sports Olena Drozd; candidates of medical sciences, associate professors Yuriy Zaviyskyi, Serhiy Popel; candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Yaroslav Lutskyi; senior teachers Vasyl Yatsenyuk, Flora Volochii, Mykhailo Tsap. For many years, Natalia Gevkalyuk, Zenovii Kaluskyi, Volodymyr Mytskan, Oleksandr Fotuyma worked at the department. From the first days, the department was entrusted with the duties of training personnel in the specialties “Primary education and physical culture” and “Pedagogy and methods of secondary education. Physical culture” and the simultaneous creation of the material and technical base, methodical and personnel potential, necessary for the establishment of the faculty of physical education and sports.
In 1998, on the initiative of the department and with the support of the rector of the university, prof. Kononenko V.I. the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports was founded.


The teachers of the department are highly qualified professionals, including 2 doctors of science (Zinoviy Ostapyak, Ihor Vypasnyak), 13 candidates of science, associate professors (Bohdan Lisovskyi, Iryna Sultanova, Iryna Bilous, Roman Tyagur, Hanna Prezlyata, Iryna Ivanyshyn, Lidia Kovalchuk, Serhiy Kurylyuk, Inna Tkachivska, Svitlana Malona, Tetiana Myskan, Vladyslav Mocherniuk, Vasyl Lutskyi).
The educational activity of the department is aimed at ensuring the training of highly qualified teachers of physical culture at the bachelor’s and master’s educational levels.

The teachers of the department ensure the implementation of educational programs in both fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines. Organize and conduct production practices.



The department performs significant work on the creation of educational programs, manuals, textbooks, methodical recommendations and monographs.

Significant achievements in this regard are the textbook “Functional anatomy” edited by Bohdan Myskan, the manuals “History of physical culture”, “Management in physical culture”, “History of the Olympic movement”, “Management in education” (Roman Tyagur), “The motor alphabet” (Bohdan Myskan, Anna Prezlyata), “Folk games and fun”, “Physical education and health”, “Healthy lifestyle: ideas, searches, experience” (Hanna Prezlyata), “Professional competence of a physical education teacher: a collective monograph” ( Bohdan Lisovskyi, Anna Prezlyata, Inna Tkachivska, Bohdan Mytskan, Zenovy Ostapyak, Iryna Ivanyshyn, Tetiana Myskan) “Pedagogical skill of a physical education teacher” (Ihor Vypasnyak, Anna Prezlyata, Halyna Kovalchuk), “Breathing gymnastics” (Bohdan Myskan, Serhiy Popel, Roman Faichak), “Hygiene” (Bohdan Myskan, Iryna Sultanova), “Physiological foundations of physical education and sports” (Bohdan Myskan, Iryna Sultanova, Bohdan Lisovskyi), “Corrective and preventive technologies in the process of physical education with students with functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system” (Ihor Vypasnyak).


An important component of the educational activity of the department is the management of diploma and master’s theses, preparation of students for participation in Olympiads, for many years, students of the faculty won prizes in the II round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad and the II round of the Competition of student scientific works in the field of knowledge “Physical Culture and Sport”. The work of student scientific circles and problem groups, which work under the leadership of experienced scientists, is organized at the department


The department initiated a number of scientific and practical conferences at the regional, all-Ukrainian and international levels. 4 all-Ukrainian conferences “Actual problems of the development of physical education, sports and tourism in modern society” were held. In 2020, this conference received international status. In 2019-2020, two scientific and practical regional conferences were held with the participation of physical education teachers and leading specialists in the field “Physical education at school: state and prospects of development”.
Since 2000, the department has been operating a post-graduate course in the specialty “Physical culture, physical education of various population groups”, in which graduates of the faculty of physical education and sports study. During the existence of the graduate school, 26 graduates became candidates of sciences (Bohdan Lisovskyi, Roman Dmytriv, Oleksandr Fotuyma, Ihor Vypasnyak, Lidia Kovalchuk, Roman Mykhaylenko, Roman Faichak, Serhiy Kurylyuk, Inna Tkachivska, Svitlana Malyon, Roman Yariy, Nadiya Varvaruk, Oleksandr Leschak, Rodion Arlamovskyi, Vasyl Ozaruk, Rostislav Chovgan, Nazariy Fedyniak, Vasyl Khlopetskyi, Andrii Dankiv, Roman Boychuk, Serhii Lopatskyi, Yurii Ivanyshyn, Yurii Oliynyk, Serhiy Bublyk, Oksana Kryzhanivska, Oleksiy Fedoryuk), and doctoral students Jerzy Ruth from the University of Rzeszów (Republic of Poland) , Hennadiy Yedinak and Ihor Vypasniak obtained the degree of doctor of sciences in physical education and sports. For teachers, graduate students and students, a scientific laboratory has been created at the department, which is equipped with modern equipment and applied computer programs, which allow to comprehensively study the impact of physical loads on the human body, to conduct experimental research on the scientific justification of means, methods and programs of physical education of various population groups .

In 2010, a specialized academic council was opened with the right to accept for consideration and conduct dissertation defenses for obtaining the scientific degree of candidate of sciences in physical education and sports in the specialties 24.00.02 – physical culture, physical education of various population groups and 24.00.03 – physical rehabilitation.


Since 2004, the scientific publication Visnyk of the Carpathian University has been founded at the faculty. Series: Physical culture, the journal is included in the list of specialized scientific publications of Ukraine (category B), in which the results of dissertations in the field of “Physical education and sports” can be published.


The department conducts active international activities. In particular, this is cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education of Rzeszów University. Joint scientific conferences, summer camp meetings, and tourist trips are held.


In the near future, the important tasks of the department are:

• reorientation of educational activities in accordance with European standards;

• wide use of information technologies in both educational and scientific activities;

• improvement of didactic provision of the educational process;

• integration into the international education system.

Solving the urgent tasks of today, paving its way into the future, the department is not limited to its own problems. Aware of its importance as both an educational and a scientific division of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, it will actively participate in the development of the university as a national educational institution, will make a significant contribution to the development of physical culture as one of the factors of preservation and improvement of public and individual health.